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100% Estate Grown Kona Coffee


What is Peaberry you may ask? Here is your answer.

Normally each coffee cherry contains 2 separate halves of a coffee bean. In the case of a Peaberry bean, these two halves have fused and matured into a single bean. It is believed that this fusion creates a deeper more concentrated coffee flavor. Peaberry is normally sold only as bean, allowing the buyer to confirm, by looking at the smaller conjoined 'pea' sized bean, that it is indeed a bag of Peaberries that he is purchasing. Only about 5% of each harvest contains Peaberry, thus the higher price for this rarer form of coffee.

Peaberry - 7 OZ (198g)

SKU: 89363900133
  • Store in the bag in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate.

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