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Wailele Estates Kona Coffee

    Hand picked, sun dried, slow drum roasted Arabica beans grown in our family orchards.       


What makes Wailele Coffee consistently delicious?

While we haven't quite figured out what it is that gives the Wailele coffee harvest such a consistently flavorful bean, all we know is, so far, so good, so we must be doing something right! 

It may be because we are situated in the heart of 100% Kona Coffee Country, a 20 mile belt that stretches along the sunny leeward coast from Kailua-Kona through Honaunau and into the farthest reaches of the Kealia region.

This verdant stretch of coffee orchards, rising from 1000ft above sea level into the misty cloud forests found at 3000ft is considered ideal coffee growing country. Blessed with bright morning sunshine drying off the trees after our nightly rainfall, followed by afternoon cloud cover  keeping the trees a comfortable humidity, and with roots well drained in the volcanic porous soil (coffee, it is said, likes "dry feet") coffee grown in Kona has continued to flourish for 200 years. This delicious coffee is also renowned as the longest continuously grown crop in all the United States!



78-6750 Makenawai St. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
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